Maja Trpkovska, the mother of Pino Secondo who was killed in Skopje in 2018, angrily left the courthouse today during the first hearing, after judge Lidija Raicevic had it postponed.

The lawyer for the defense Elenko Milanov said that he requires more time to prepare as the only received the case four days ahead of the hearing, a request which the judge accepted. The bereaved mother ironically applauded her decision, and then stormed out of the courthouse.

The defendant has more rights that I, who had to collect the bones of my child, do. She should be tried in the town square. I came here with great hopes for justice, as she has already confessed, but I give up now, I’m packing my bags and leaving this place, Trpkovska said.

Pino Secondo (26) was killed in December 2018, by Ali Furkan, a 27 year old man who shared a love interest with Pino over Angela Georgievska. According to the charges, Georgievska agreed with Furkan to invite Secondo to a meeting, where Furkan will kill him with a rifle. The murder was perpetrated in Skopje, and Furkan and Georgievska buried Secondo’s body in a mountainous village.

Months of searching for the body ensued, and Secondo’s mother would publicly call for help, but none came. Eventually Furkan fled the country, while Georgievska remains on trial.