According to the Dutch Ambassador in the country, Wouter Plomp, it is necessary to reach a compromise solution for the SPO between the government and the opposition, Kanal 5 reported.

There is no announcement for a new meeting, but they continue to bicker over the blockade of the dialogue.

The Netherlands was and remains concerned about the rule of law in the country, and I am also referring to the Law on the SPO,” said the Dutch ambassador in the country Wouter Plomp. He says his country supports the reforms implemented and the agreement with Greece, but that in order to get a date it is necessary to continue the fight against high corruption.

The Special Public Prosecutor’s Office has played a significant role in filing charges of high corruption and it is important for us to prosecute high corruption from the past, the present, and the future. It is therefore important to find an effective way to incorporate the SPO into the Public Prosecutor’s Office, retaining part of the independence. This law requires a two-thirds majority. All political forces that want North Macedonia to start negotiations with the EU should find a constructive solution that will suit both the ruling and non-ruling parties, said the Ambassador.

And while there are more frequent statements that the very future of the SPO could be the main reason for the eventual failure of the date for EU accession negotiations, there is no announcement for a new meeting between the government and the opposition on this issue.