Radio Free Europe followed up with the Macedonian Interior Ministry and the OJO state prosecutors on the course of their investigation against the huge crowd of people which were celebrating Vardar’s EHF Champions League win.

Prosecutors intend to go after Vardar fans who were using hate speech and insulted Prime Minister Zoran Zaev during the celebration. Zaev’s pressure to rename and redefine Macedonia has enraged the majority of Macedonians and the celebration included chants of “Never North, Always Macedonia” as well as some crude comments about the Prime Minister.

Prosecutors are following up on all available information and will take action as the Interior Ministry identifies the persons who have performed these crimes, OJO told Radio Free Europe.

The prosecutors none the less acknowledged that going after individual “criminals” in a crowd which, at its peak, numbered 100.000 people, may be difficult. They told Radio Free Europe that they will continue to pressure people on Facebook and other social media accounts, a practice which has expanded greatly under the Zaev regime.