Interior Minister Nake Culev and the commissioner of Skopje Risto Stavrevski confirmed the seizure of guns and heroin during a raid in Skopje’s Butel district.

Media outlets have reported that five people were arrested in connection to the incident. The drugs and guns were found in a specially prepared hiding space, buried under ground. The guns included a semi-automatic rifle, stolen from a gun store, two automatic rifles and a sniper rifle, as well as two automatic guns.

We have apprehended several persons who were found at the site. AS you can see, our work is still on-going, we are searching the area, and once we are done we will notify the public, Stavrevski told Sitel TV.

Бирото за јавна безбедност во заедничка акција со СВР Скопје на улица Алпи во Скопје во специјално направени бункери пронајде повеќе видови оружје и дрога.Во изјава за Сител Телевизија говори началникот на СВР Скопје, Ристо Ставревски.

Gepostet von Наќе Чулев am Freitag, 1. Mai 2020