Despite reports that the police is looking for the convicted killer Igor Spasov, a warrant for his arrest was only issued today. The former policeman who brutally beat a 20 year old young man to death in 2011, is sentenced to 14 years in prison, but he was able to avoid serving his sentence for the past year, citing health issues. His last court approved medical leave expired ten days ago, but Spasov did not return to the Idrizovo prison and is now believed to be in hiding or has fled the country.

The murder of young Martin Neskovski was a major politically charged case abused by the SDSM party in its campaign of protest and propaganda which brought down the VMRO-DPMNE Government. Only after SDSM grabbed power, was it revealed that the allegations that SDSM made about the case are false and Spasov fleeing prison on SDSM watch is seen as the latest blow to the SDSM promises to promote rule of law and accountability.