The SPM police union informs that Kumanovo police chiefs are conducting a revenge campaign against police officers on political grounds, ordering dozens to stations far from where they live and imposing disciplinary procedures for made up violations.

On Tuesday, a total of 40 unlawful order to reassign officers were given, most of them for the purpose of revenge and in violation of the law on Interior Affairs and the collective police contract. Officers from Kumanovo are sent to Skopje, Sveti Nikole and Caska in Veles. This includes proven professionals who had shown results in their work, as well as officers who have six months to a year before retirement. A well regarded officer who is the union representative and won a convincing victory in the union election in Kumanovo was also reassigned to Skopje, the union said.

The city of Kumanovo is the political base for Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski.