A thief who apparently stole a purse from a woman in Skopje had the bright idea to evade the police by jumping in the Vardar river. What he didn’t count on was that a policewoman who was chasing him will follow him in the river, eyewitnesses said.

A video of the event was shared online and it shows the man being arrested after the incident. The policewoman held him until her colleagues came from the other side of the river.

Е ова е ХРАБРОСТ !!!БРАВО !!!МВР бидете горди на ваквите вработени !Девојката скокна во Вардар, препливувајки ја реката бркајки го крадецот, па се до неговото фаќање.БРАВО ДЕВОЈКО…БРАВО ИНСПЕКТОРКЕ, НЕВЕРОЈАТНА СТЕ !Е ОВА Е ХРАБРОСТ ! БРАВО КОЈА И ДА СТЕ !ЦЕЛИОТ НАСТАН ГО СНИМИВ И АПЕЛИРАМ ДО НАРОДОТ ЗА ПОГОЛЕМА ВНИМАТЕЛНОСТ !

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