A Soros Foundation funded “fact-checker” is slapping “fake news” labels on news reports that revealed that a scandalous scouting group in Skopje, that allowed instructors to sexually harass children, is supported by the Soros Foundation and the city of Skopje.
The scandal broke last week, when a distraught father reported what his underage daughter was exposed at the camp organized by the First Skopje Scout Group. The events included instructors goading the children to reveal how many sexual partners they had, to strip naked to be evaluated, to paint their private parts and to play “kiss and hug” games.

It became a major source of embarrassment for Skopje Mayor Petre Silegov who faces a difficult re-election campaign at the local elections in mid October. Also for Education Minister Mila Carovska – herself an alumni of the far left HERA NGO organization, which she now tapped to prepare a new sexual education curriculum. HERA, which is also funded by the Soros Foundation in Macedonia, was also named by the scout group as one of its supporters.

In response to the scandal, the exclusive Facebook fact-checkers in Macedonia – the Metamorphosis foundation and its Vistinomer project, are trying to censor the reports. Facebook users who share articles about the scandalous scout camp and its funding automatically receive a “fake news” label. Readers need to click through options in order to get to the article. Despite the fact that the fact-checkers receive funding from the same organization that is criticized in the articles, Facebook presents their remarks as a review of an “independent fact-checker”.

The Foundation Open Society in Macedonia (FOSM), better known as the Soros Foundation, and HERA, issued denials – of sort. Both organizations confirmed that they supported the First Skopje Scouting Group – in the case of FOSM with the substantial sum of over 12,000 USD. But both these groups, and the city of Skopje, claim that they didn’t know what the group is doing at its camps, or that they didn’t specifically fund this particular camp – even though the group has been organizing “Sex and Rock and Roll camps” for years.

Things must be getting really bad for this Government if Vistinomer and Civil (another far left media organization) are trying to block every fact and every report about their sucking on the Government teat and receiving grants. Things are bad, but the media blockade on Facebook prevents the news from reaching you, the readers, said journalist Dragan Pavlovic – Latas.

The articles that are being blocked dutifully included the denials from HERA or the city of Skopje, in order to present a full picture to the readers. But they still get blocked by Vistinomer, in an apparent attempt to protect Mayor Silegov from criticism in the run up to the elections, and also not to disturb the lucrative cooperation many of the Soros funded NGO groups have with the Zaev regime. These groups, including Metamorphosis and Vistinomer, to a large degree supported Zaev’s Colored Revolution, and many received substantial grants from central and local Government institutions once Zaev grabbed power in 2017.