Poll conducted by the IPIS institute for Sitel TV’s Detektor show found that most of the citizens believe that the country is backtracking in terms of reforms necessary to join the EU.

42.6 percent of the citizens think that in the past several years Macedonia has gone backwards in the reforms. 31.6 percent see no change, and only 15.4 percent believe that the country is moving forward. Among the main ethnic groups, 53.8 percent of Macedonians see the country going backwards, while 38 percent of Albanians thing it is going forward and the same percentage see no change.

Majority of citizens also believe that opening the EU accession talks won’t resolve problems in healthcare, education, the rule of law and other critical areas – 53.7 percent are of this opinion, while 33.1 percent expect these problems to be resolved as the EU accession talks begin.