A poll conducted by the Detektor show at the Sitel TV reveals that when presented with several options most citizens prefer to hold elections in September or later, believing it would be safe enough from the coronavirus epidemic.

The ruling SDSM party insists that elections take place in June, even as the numbers of newly infected citizens remain stubbornly high and the death rate in Macedonia is the worst in the entire region. The opposition VMRO-DPMNE party calls for elections in August or September. According to the opposition, SDSM is pushing for low turnout elections where it believes it would do better than in a fully legitimate vote.

Presented with the option of elections in June, July, August, September or beyond, 24,2 percent of the citizens opted for September and additional 22,8 percent would rather have elections after September. Only 15,1 percent believe it’s preferable and safe enough to vote in June, and similar numbers (17,6 and 15,8 percent) opted for July and August.