A poll conducted by Market Vision and the MKD.mk news site shows that the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party leads ahead of SDSM with 14,6 percent of votes against 13 percent.

Among ethnic Macedonian voters the difference is even greater, with 21,5 percent opting for VMRO and just 14,2 percent supporting SDSM. The ruling leftist party makes up some of the losing margin among Macedonians with ethnic Albanian supporters, having a 6,6 percent approval among the Albanian voters.

The poll also showed that a significant majority of voters would prefer elections to take place in autumn (51,6 percent), once the coronavirus epidemic has been cleared, than in summer (21,6 percent) – which is the term proposed by SDSM.

Among other parties, DUI has a 4,9 percent rating, ahead of the Alliance with 2,8 percent and the far left Levica party with 1,95 percent. BESA has collapsed in the polls and is down to just 0,4 percent, after it announced a pre-election coalition with SDSM, and the Alternative is expected to add 0,3 percent to its joint list with Alternative.

The poll was conducted in late April and early May among 1.200 voters.