Turnout across Macedonia reached 48.88 percent at 18:30h, said State Electoral Commission President Aleksandar Dastevski, as the polling stations closed at 19h. This is at about the same level as the first round of the elections – turnout was higher early in the day but dropped off in the afternoon.

Highest turnout is recorded in Vevcani (81 percent) and Gevgelija (80.7) Turnout remained lowest in Saraj (28 percent) which can serious affect the crucial mayoral race in the capital Skopje.

Dastevski said that voting will be extended in several polling stations in Centar, and in three stations in Saraj, as wel las in one station in Karpos, Cesinovo-Oblesevo, Zelenikovo and Probistip – due to technical difficulties and incidents.