After detecting the Delta variant of the coronavirus  with patients in the country, it is possible to introduce border measures upon entry to Macedonia, but not a reorganization of what now works as open institutions with protocols. As of yesterday, ten cases infected with the Deltra variant have been registered in the country, while the number of active Covid-19 cases stands at 141.

Health Minister Venko Filipce informed Wednesday that by the end of the week the members of the Commission for Infectious Diseases will discuss whether the current situation requires the introduction of any restrictive measures. Filipce assessed that in general the situation in the country is still calm and urged the citizens to get vaccinated at the vaccine sites which as of Monday will be offer vaccination without an appointment.

Possible PCR test requirement or vaccine certificates or proof of recovery might be introduced, which is standard in some other countries. But I must say that we will see what the situation will be in the region because the measures must be harmonized, said Filipce .