Two union organizations of the Post of Macedonia held a warning protest today again during the break. They demand that their September salary be paid, that the payment of salaries not be delayed in the future, that their working conditions be improved and that the state uses their services and not hire private post offices, in order to increase their incomes.

The president of one of the unions of the Post of Macedonia, Boro Veligdenov, clarified that they are holding the protest because of the delay in salaries, which should have been paid by the 15th of the month at the latest.

Additionally, as employees, we worry about our livelihood, our jobs, that is, the future of our company, a problem that has been going on for years, and the particular lack of interest from the Government to take a firm stand in overcoming the situation and improving the operations of the Post of Macedonia. Post of Macedonia is a state company that is of essential importance for the state and must exist as a post office and be the main service for citizens, emphasized Veligdenov.

He warned that if salaries are not paid by Tuesday, all Post of Macedonia employees will hold a protest in front of the Government building.