Posters with photos of the prime minister and messages related to the latest scandal he is involved in have been displayed in several locations around Skopje.

The guerilla action comes after the disclosure of the affair related to the “Pikcell Group” company, in which Dimitar Kovacevski appears as a co-founder, and was set up together with his friend and godfather Goran Paunov.

The opposition VMRO-DPMNE revealed that this company, together with the company KMG EOL Kvazar, a company only owned by the godfather Paunov, are involved in businesses worth 26 million euros and announced the disclosure of other businesses related to the solar cartel, how only one day after Kovacevski got the mandate for the formation of a new government on December 29 last year, “Pickell Group” received a state aid payment of over 203 thousand euros.