Some time ago, as the chairman of the Commission for Oversight of the work of the National Security and Intelligence Agency, I received a request from the director of the National Security Agency requesting consent to appoint a chief of internal control within the National Security Agency, said the president of the Commission Ljupco Prendzov.

Today I convened the fourth session of the commission in order to discuss whether there will be consent for the appointment of an assistant director for internal control. What happened today is that the fellow deputies from the government did not attend this session, that is, the colleagues from the government did not even attend the opening of the agenda for the appointment of the gentleman as head of internal control, which is indeed a very rare situation in the Parliament. Today, the government did not form a majority for the proposal given by the director of NSA, Mr. Viktor Dimovski, says Prendzov.

According to him, with such solutions and inconsistencies by the government, the security of the intelligence sector suffers.