President Gjorge Ivanov has extended Easter greetings to the faithful, wishing them good health and urging them to join in the spiritual renewal of the country.

In his “last Easter greetings sent as President,” according to the message, Ivanov writes:

“Through Jesus Christ, God put himself in our place.

“With his physical death on the cross, He reconciled us with himself and set us free from all consequences of our sins and mistakes.

“With his physical resurrection from the grave, He resurrected the people’s hope for a better world and a better future.”

President Ivanov adds that this Easter is special for the nation as it is celebrated ahead of Pope Francis’s visit.

“I deeply believe this visit is an important incentive for the spiritual renewal of Macedonia, the Macedonian nation and the Macedonian citizens,” President Ivanov writes.

“I’d like to call on all people with pure hearts and good will, be they Orthodox, Catholic, or Protestant Christian or of an entirely different religious belief, to join in the spiritual renewal of Macedonia,” Ivanov says in his Easter message.