VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General Igor Janusev extrapolated the results from the first round of presidential elections onto a general election. According to the results, VMRO-DPMNE would win 53 seats in the Parliament, opposed to 41 for SDSM and 13 for DUI and the opposition ethnic Albanian parties BESA and AA.

In the presidential elections, VMRO-DPMNE alone matched the combined result of SDSM and DUI nearly vote for vote. A good showing for the opposition Albanian candidate Blerim Reka also indicates that the BESA and AA parties would do well in the next general election.

Prime Minister Zoran Zaev accepted that a defeat for his candidate Stevo Pendarovski would lead to early general elections. VMRO candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova reminded Zaev on this promise in her celebratory speech yesterday evening and asked him to begin organizing the elections.