Nenad Markovic, a political studies professor who was named by President Stevo Pendarovski to the National security council, does not expect the growing dispute with Bulgaria to be settle until after the Bulgarian general elections in March 2021. Some in Macedonia are still hoping that the veto can be lifted by the end of the year, but not Markovic.

I’m not an optimist that a 60 year long dispute it can be resolved by December. And as for next year, I don’t think anything will happen before March. I think Bulgaria will remain entrenched in its positions, it dug them pretty deep and it will be difficult to get out of them. I will give a chance to the Slovenian presidency with the European Council than the Portugese one. It will give more time to reach a compromise if Bulgaria is willing to step aside from its radical lines just a little bit, Markovic said.

Portugal holds the presidency in the first half of 2021, and Slovenia – in the latter.