The Macedonian Association of Journalists MAN condemns the move by state prosecutors to file charges against Aleksandar Mitovski, editor in the Infomax news site, which was instrumental in reporting on the major racketeering scandal.

Infomax published excerpts from the testimony of businessman Jordan Orce Kamcev, who was target of racketeering on the part of Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva. The testimony provided crucial details about when were top Government officials informed about the extortion of millions from Kamcev, and prompted allegations that the prosecutors and the Government are trying to cover up the scandal. Mitovski is now being charged for publishing the testimony, which the prosecutors insist was a state secret, and therefore embarrassing the Government.

MAN demands that the prosecutors withdraw their charges immediately, and end this brutal form of pressure on the free press. The charges can’t be filed under the pretext of protecting state secrets because the testimony that was revealed is a classic case of a document whose publication is in the public interest. State prosecutors were trying to conceal facts about the racketeering scandal and were spreading fake news that there are no politicians mentioned in the testimonies, MAN insists in its press release.

According to MAN, if somebody is to be held responsible, it is the state prosecutors, who tried to cover up the scandal.

MAN notes that Macedonia is at the height in Europe in violating press freedoms, with incredible 52 percent of all journalists facing charges. MAN adds that it has informed foreign embassies and international organization journalist associations about this case.