The Ministers of Health and Interior Venko Filipce and Oliver Spasovski respectively, believe that quarantine is not needed, but the mayor of Prilep, who comes from the ranks of their party, SDSM, demands that the city be quarantined immediately.

He told TV24 that he would ask Central Crisis Headquarters to put Prilep under quarantine, because Prilep has the highest number of Covid-19 cases and deaths after Skopje.

In the past 9 days, 26 died, only yesterday 6 patients died in Prilep. Two weeks after I went to the Infectious Diseases ward. I urged all health professionals who do not have activities, in part of their free time to help other health professionals. We knew it would be like this, we are preparing for the so-called third wave. There is a room in the hospital in Prilep, there are over 100 hospital beds available, and about 50 patients use the hospital daily. Most patients get infected by one percent of citizens who do not wear face masks. We appeal, but a number of citizens do not believe in anything, they do not adhere to the protocols. I will ask the Central Crisis Headquarters to put the city under quarantine, Prilep after Skopje has the largest number of cases and deaths, the mayor of Prilep, Ilija Jovanoski told TV24.