In these thirty years we have witnessed that politics is much more present than before 1991. If the previous politicians, in socialism, did it for the affirmation of the Macedonian nation, identity, language and culture in a socialist way, today we have a situation when the Prime Minister of the country is the main figure in terms of historical science. He politically gives the directions where and how it should move and says that they will not affect the work of the commission. Please, who is he trying to fool?!, prof. Dr. Todor Cepreganov says in an article published in Pressing TV.

In order to satisfy certain political aspirations of a certain political elite, he writes, we have an attempt to rewrite the Macedonian history.

We see that it is done slowly and subtly. What the Prime Minister will say, after a while, is taken over by the partocracy and put into use. As if he is beginning to enlighten us. As if we have been badly mistaken until now. As if everything we have done is fake. Ignorance. And now he appears and sets the methodology that should be followed and the history of the Macedonian people should be written. And he himself is not aware that what he wants to do is a mission impossible. It can only be possible with his party members, who unfortunately, for lucrative reasons, support his ideas. I think after the name change, he is able to change everything, writes Cepreganov.

According to him, in the years after the independence of Macedonia, we have witnessed when almost every day we have a politician, who appears to interpret historical events and personalities, without having any knowledge of them or having read anything about them.

They do not bear any consequences and responsibility for what has been said, but they insist to realize it despite the fact that they are historically far from the truth, he says.

Moreover, Cepreganov says that despite the fact that hundreds of works have been written by historians in which the history of the Macedonian people is considered from all aspects, still politics does not address it at all, but simply abstracts it all and makes its own history, pursuing its own agenda.

Here, the Prime Minister came up with a new blunder, saying that “Bulgarian” would be removed before the fascist designation, because, according to him, fascism has no ethnic origin, it was hate speech. Moreover, the chairman of the Macedonian Commission for Educational and Historical Issues, who, unfortunately, is a doctor of historical sciences, said that he also believes that the Bulgarians were not fascists. No comment! Communism too has no ethnic origin. It is an ideology, writes Cepreganov in his article.

He then continues to refer to another blunder of the Prime Minister that the Macedonians were collaborators of the fascists.

Well, thanks to Zaev for enlightening us once again. Isn’t this another of his baits behind this? Doesn’t he accidentally want to say that the Macedonian fascists committed all the crimes in Macedonia?! Ladies and gentlemen, this is a result of total ignorance and sycophancy and lack of self-respect for oneself and the history of one’s own people, says Cepreganov.