Doing today’s conference in VMRO-DPMNE that was dedicated to the issue of defending Macedonian national interest, member of Parliament and former presidential candidate Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova pointed to the major double standard between member states and the candidate countries. According to professor Siljanovska, in the case of the dispute between the  Bulgaria and Macedonia, Macedonia offers much higher level of protection for minority rights while Bulgaria offers none, and insists on a model of “unity ofdifferences under one nation”.

Reciprocity must be used in the disputee with Bulgaria – as Sofia wants full recognition of a Bulgarian minority in Macedonia, it needs to recognise the Macedonian minority in its own country,and guarantee their minority rights this is in accordance with the verdicts from the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg initiated by ethnic Macedonians from Bulgaria, Siljanovska said.
The professor also discussed the failed promises given by the European Union about the ntegration of the Balkans, which are left unfulfilled for 20 years now. She pointed to the fact that the region has been divided and separated from the rest of Europe only twice in history, during the Ottoman Empire and under Communism, while for the rest of  history it was part of Europe and the countries were open to each other. This calls to  reunify  the Balkans within the European Union, Siljanovska said.