VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski at Monday’s press conference continued to reveal new details about the affair “Profiteer”, explaining how contracts were rigged for construction companies, contracts awarded by the City of Skopje and the mayor of Skopje, Petre Silegov, increasing his personal wealth.

Stoikovski explained how a construction company won an enormously large contract for construction and reconstruction of a Skopje boulevard with just one electronic bidding.

According to the documents, 5 companies applied. Two were immediately eliminated, three were invited to the auction. At such auctions, under normal conditions, the price drops several times, because companies are struggling to get the contract, especially in 2020, a year of economic crisis. But this auction ends with only one bidding. With just one click at an electronic auction. The price of the contract is almost the same as the estimated one, the price is reduced by only 1.5%. Someone profited a lot!, Stoilkovski emphasized.

He adds that this raises many dilemmas, doubts and questions.

How is it possible in conditions of a severe economic crisis for a contract worth approximately 3 million euros, only 3 companies to enter the auction? And how come of those three companies none to be interested in bidding, even though their first bids differed by only 1 million denars? Since when did nearly 3 million euros become unattractive for companies in the construction sector to fight to win the contract?, he asked.

According to Stoilkovski, the “Profiteer” affair is too extensive for Petre Silegov and SDSM to continue without a serious investigation.

Silegov increased his assets by almost half a million euros in 4 years with buildings and luxuries. There is nothing worse than SDSM for Skopje, there is nothing worse than Silegov, he emphasized.