The construction works on Nikola Karev Boulevard would have cost two times cheaper if it weren’t for the “Profiteer” scheme and if the items in this agreement signed by Petre Silegov were not several times higher than the market price. But the contract would be also two times cheaper if there was a normal auction operation, if, perhaps Petre Silegov, as a signatory of this contract, did not send a message about the price not to be discussed at all at the bidding? asks Naum Stoilkovski from VMRO-DPMNE.

There was no bidding so that everyone is comfortable. Instead of 10, 11, 13 construction companies fighting for a 3 million euro contract, as much as is paid for the whole undertaking, only three competitors appear at the auction offering almost the same price, and then do not compete at all at auction to win the contract, said Stoilkovski.

According to him, they submitted tender documentation so as not to compete to get the job. And we come to an agreement signed by Petre Silegov, in the amount of 160 million 765 thousand denars. In the contract, according to the prices, the works cost two times, three times more than the market value paid for in other contracts.

But Petre pays from the city budget. The scheme is clear, there is a preliminary agreement for whom this contract is intended, the message is sent, the contract is won without a real race on the market, at unrealistic prices, and the difference is shared, he said.

Moreover, he said, it was not enough for them that the contract is two times more expensive, so they decided to add an ANNEX contract to this contract. For the same work that could be two times cheaper. There is an Annex contract signed by Petre Silegov in the amount of 300,000 euros for contingencies.