A few days ago the media reported that there are suspicions that Adrian Amzoski paid 260,000 euros to Boki 13’s humanitarian foundation and in return, Katica Janeva assumed jurisdiction over the charges of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, VMRO-DPME said Sunday, adding that the same charges were dropped in a criminal case against Amzoski himself.

Namely, in March 2017, the charges were filed by BPPO against Adrian Amzoski and the company “FINE” DOO Skopje related to the construction of the “Cosmos” building where Adrian was an investor. Just a week after SDSM came to power in June, Boki 13 opened the “International Association” and all those involved in the “Racket” case attended its opening. Katica Janeva withdrew the charges against Adrian Amzoski after getting jurisdiction without any explanation, without any hearing. All this proves that there is a scheme involving Katica Janeva, Zaev and others to pressure and extort money, the party said.

The party adds that because of all this that is happening in the Republic of Macedonia early parliamentary elections should be held in order to put an end to the racketeering, bribery and all the crazy things and crimes committed by the Zoran Zaev government.