Parliament decided on Tuesday it will start a process to pass the draft-law on public prosecution, which is to decide the future status of the Special Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), under expedited procedure. 57 MPs voted in favor.

With this begins the debate on this draft-law in the parliamentary committees.

Justice Minister Renata Deskoska voiced hope at the start of the session that all political parties would find the strength to vote for the law to continue proceedings initiated by the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office.

I hope you all will find the strength to push the green button to extinguish the fire we have been facing for many years, which will mean the continuation of the Special Prosecutor’s Office proceedings in which we find indications and indictments of the crimes committed by the previous government, but we also have a situation in which a serious case is opened, which is the Racket case, which should also have a serious procedure that will lead to the conclusion of the trial. There should be effective justice for all, no matter what political set they belong to. Before you, whether you press the green or the red button, you need to consider the future of our citizens, said Deskoska.