During the hearing in the trial against Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13, the prosecution presented evidence that Boki was using his ties to the ruling SDSM party to extort money from real-estate developers promising them to help them get access to valuable plots of land.

The WhatsApp comments contained communication between Boki 13 and Struga based developer Adrijan Amzoski. In them, Amzoski would send Boki his “wish list” – plots in Skopje, mainly in the Karpos district, along the Ilinden boulevard. The communication included photographs of Boki 13 with his close friend, Karpos Mayor Stefan Bogoev, who was questioned about this involvement in the scandal early in the investigation, but wasn’t charged.

Boki 13 took over 200,000 EUR from Amzoski and over 700,000 EUR from Bitola based developer Siljan Miceski. He’s already sentenced to nine years in prison over the earlier Racket scandal, at the end of which he revealed that the person who mainly benefited from the extortion is Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. Prosecutors are doing their best not to investigate this claim.