State prosecutors are demanding a 10.000 EUR fine for doctor Nina Caca Biljanovska, whose ski trip to Italy caused an outbreak of the coronavirus in the Dermatology Clinic in Skopje where she was director.

The politically appointed doctor defied Government regulations to avoid unnecessary travel and to self-isolate at home after any trips. She went skiing to the north of Italy in the early peak of the epidemic and then continued to go to work for days, becoming one of the first Covid-19 patients in Macedonia and infecting a number of colleagues. To make matters worse, the doctor also attended a symposium in a restaurant in Skopje which drew hundreds of expert participants, many of them elderly.

She was forced to resign, but prosecutors have dragged their feet in going after the politically powerful doctor. Now they are proposing that the court issues a total of 10.000 EUR in fines for her.