The Public Prosecutor’s Office reacted Tuesday to President Stevo Pendarovski’s statement on the “Racket” case.

It is not the time for attacks on institutions, the PPO said, adding that it would not allow discrediting of prosecutors and interference in criminal proceedings by politicians.

The statement of the President of the Republic of North Macedonia that he fully supports the prosecution and that he will use all constitutional and legal powers to protect it from pressures would have been realistic if he called on the lawmakers to pass the Law on Public Prosecutor’s Office and if he supported strengthening the prosecution’s capacity to fight crime more effectively and the rule of law, reads the statement of the Prosecutor’s Office.

The PPO assures the public that the case in question is dealt with unselectively and in a timely manner, according to an established plan of investigation, and that all persons involved in the crimes will be questioned or investigated and will be held accountable in accordance with the law.

The PPO reiterates that the submitting to political pressure and interference with the work of the prosecution, has a detrimental effect on the course and success of the investigative procedure and on the provision of evidence, the Prosecutor’s Office said.