Tomorrow, Macedonia will be blocked for an hour as a sign of protest due to the French proposal. At tonight’s protest in front of the Parliament, it was announced that tomorrow there will be a change in the way of protesting.

In the period from 13h to 14h, more blockades will be set up in 4 places around the country.

Tomorrow we continue with blockades across Macedonia. In 4 places, in Skopje in front of the government building, as well as blocking the main roads Stip-Veles, Strumica-Radovis and Pletvar- Prilep. We call on people to turn in large numbers and to say NO to the ultimatum for Bulgarianization of Macedonia, NO to brutality and police setups, YES to the future of Macedonia. There will be no protests on Saturday as a sign of respect for fellow Muslims who celebrate their holiday. We continue to protest massively in Skopje, SUNDAY at 19h in front of the government, says the organizer “Ultimatum, no, thank you!”.