The recently published IRI poll showed that trust in the Zaev Government is going down in key metrics, ahead of the municipal elections scheduled in October.

Only 3 percent said that the Government dedicates itself to solving the most important problems in Macedonia. Against them, 31 percent said that the Government is not dedicated at all, while 36 percent responded “in general, no” and 27 percent said “in general, yes”.

Regarding the economy, the poll showed that 44 percent of the citizens expect the economy to get worse in the next two years, compared to just 15 percent who expect an improvement and 37 percent who believe it will remain the same. The same poll question in February 2020 showed far better results – 24 percent expected the economy to improve, versus 22 percent who expected it to get worse.

In overall quality of life, 38 percent say it is getting worse, and 54 percent see no change for the better, while only 7 percent say it is improving. The number of those who see quality of life getting worse is doubled compared to February 2020.

The poll also showed that the majority of citizens are looking to replace their mayors in October. This could be very bad news for Zaev, given that his SDSM party grabbed almost all mayoral positions it competed for in the 2017 elections.