A look into the emergency procurement by public institutions shows wide discrepancy between the prices some of them paid for masks and other coronavirus protective equipment.

A report by the DGC association said that public institutions paid between 66 and 313 denars for the same type of N95 mask. It’s a range between 1 and 5 euros.

Regarding disposable overalls, the range paid by various institutions was between the low of 177 denars up to the high of 1.156 denars a piece. Gloves also cost from as low as 1.8 denars a pair to a rate more than four times higher.

Over 40 percent of all emergency procurement went to just five companies, such as Gifti Teks, Biotek and Alkaloid. Nearly 100 public institutions used to option to sign emergency procurement contracts, for a total of 6.7 million EUR.