Public sector doctors staged a protest in Skopje today after a series of physical attacks in hospitals in Tetovo and Skopje. Representatives from the Association of young specialists warned that, unless steps are taken to end the attacks coming from disgruntled patients, they will continue to leave the country.

We are here to say, enough. This will be our final protest, we will not allow to be attacked. We are victims of negative perception due to the poor decisions made by our managers. It is time that working conditions are improved, said Nenad Lazarov from the association.

Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce joined in the protests. His superior, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, made a long list of populist promises, such as free public sector healthcare treatments for all citizens and an increase in salaries of doctors to 100.000 denars (1.600 EUR). Years later, none of these promises were met.