The “Pucko Petrol” oil company based in the village of Plasnica, owned by the son of DUI MP Ismail Jahoski, Asmir Jahoski won a new public contract, this time with the Ministry of Interior, worth 82,600,000 denars, or 1,343,089 euros for supply with fuel oil and extra light fuel.

Just two weeks ago, the same company won a contract worth 13,239,024 euros with the Public Transport Company Skopje for the supply of oil derivatives.

If you check the electronic public procurement system, you can see that the “Pucko Petrol” company is a signatory of several public contract, ie according to the information, only in 2017 and 2018 it signed 395 contracts worth 34.56 million euros.

Despite serious suspicions of abuse of state money by awarding contracts to his son, but also his political influence as a DUI MP and part of the parliamentary majority in the Macedonian Parliament, it is not a sufficient condition for the Anti-Corruption Commission to initiate proceedings and investigate the case whether the awarded contracts were conducted in a previously transparent manner through a public procurement procedure.

There are certain indications that there is a serious suspicion of abuse of state money because it is very strange that in several public contract only the “Pucko Petrol” company appears as the only bidder and in some there was no electronic biddding.