The campaign has begun. For many it has already been seen, for others it has been unexpected, because the start was in the sign of humor and satire, reduced to fathers and children, but not to the real ones, but to the political ones, and still others did not event turn on the TV, watch or listen to the news. Let’s not even talk about the paid political program, Pressing TV analyzes.

However, the first day of the campaign seemed to be overshadowed by the event at the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts held on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Macedonia. Especially by the messages sent by the three presidents of the country – the current Stevo Pendarovski and the former Gjorge Ivanov and Branko Crvenkovski. With some openly, some in a slightly not so openly expressed their views on the current situation in the country and their views on what the Republic of Macedonia has gained and what it has lost with the three agreements – the Ohrid Agreement, the Prespa Agreement and the one on good neighborliness, friendship and cooperation with Bulgaria.

It seems that the ruling SDSM was expecting fanfare, and received serious criticism, and was most affected by the lack of vision and lack of plan B in case Macedonia does not start EU accession negotiations, identity engineering and, crucially, the reign of corruption! And what is more painful, the serious non accusations but only a transfer of reality came from their former party leader, Prime Minister and president, Branko Crvenkovski, it is stated in the analysis.

Although withdrawn from the political scene, Crvenkovski was right on point. Macedonia does not have a plan B, lives on credit and dies in installments, Bulgaria’s demands for overcoming misunderstandings are insurmountable, and corruption reigns so much that it makes the country corrupt.

And, as a result, the stupidest statement that SDSM has ever issued followed. If not the whole, then at least a good part of it.

It is not fair to the citizens or the state when former presidents from the time of transition and the regime talk about crime and corruption, and did not show any steps against corruption at the time when they were supposed to serve the people, read the party reaction to Ivanov and Crvenkovski.

Today, the public witnessed a propaganda behavior of former presidents. The Prespa Agreement, the Good Neighborly Agreement with Bulgaria and the Framework Agreement are the most important agreements that revived Macedonian integration, confirmed and strengthened the Macedonian identity and the Macedonian language. The Macedonian state lives and will live and will not die in installments, and if someone wants that, we tell him to think before acting, above all for the sake of our people and for the sake of the future of all our children. The citizens with their vote in the past, today and in the future, accurately show the way in which Macedonia is developing, it was stated in the party statement.

With this, SDSM once again showed that it does not tolerate criticism. On the contrary! It is not touched by the warnings that the absolute power it has is absolutely corrupting the party.

And now let’s ask the sages from SDSM when Crvenkovski abolished Zaev for the “Global” case, did he fight corruption or not ?! If Zaev had not been abolished, would he have reached the position of president of SDSM or would have rotted in a prison cell?