Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama stood up Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski, who was visiting Albania to discuss the snub both countries received from the European Union.

Pendarovski met with his host Albanian President Ilir Meta and was supposed to meet Rama, but Albanian media report that the meeting was cancelled with just half an hour to ho, with little explanation. The Ora News site reports that Rama left a very poor impression on the visiting Macedonian delegation with his move, especially given the sensitive timing for both countries.

Rama had a confrontation with Pendarovski over the EU accession talks before. Pendarovski promoted the idea of separating Macedonia from Albania, which would clear our path toward opening EU accession talks and possibly joining Serbia and Montenegro in a more advanced group. But Rama publicly rebuked Pendarovski, reminding him that he owes his electoral win to the votes of Macedonian Albanians, which led to a climb down from Pendarovski.