Far from public eye, and just one day after the renewed SDSM – DUI coalition had its Government elected in Parliament, the Council of Tetovo, where SDSM and DUI also hold the majority, adopted a new spatial plan that is corrupt, criminal, but could also cause serious regional consequences, said VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski. Via Facebook, he reported:

One day after the Government was voted in, the mafia showed in action how this coalition of criminals and the political establishment will operate in the coming period. The Council of Tetovo approved a detailed plan for the urban bloc 57a, at the site of the old SIK Jelak factory.

The plan completely throws the balance of the city and its urban design. It provides for 230,000 square meters in new development, 140,000 of which will be in residential and 80,000 in office space. Put simply, this means 2,000 new apartments in Tetovo, or adding 8,000 new citizens, on top of businesses who will add to the burdens of the city. There are no basic urban or traffic conditions to implement the plan, and it will not lead to humane living conditions. But the plan could lead to potential gains of 200 million EUR for its investor!

Which brings us to the key question – who is the owner of the land where SDSM and DUI have decided to plant this profitable endeavor? The owner of the land of the old SIK Jelak plant is the controversial businessman from Montenegro Miodrag Daka Davidovic. The Macedonian public knows him from the leaks published ahead of the general elections, where he was clearly heard saying that he paid 300,000 EUR to have this matter resolved in his favor and promises 2,000 square meters of land and additional 2 million EUR if the job gets done.

The Macedonian public was also informed that the SDSM – DUI led Government met at leasst three times (December 25 2018, January 15 2019 and February 7 2019) to discuss and approve offering the rest of SIK Jelak on sale to Daka Davidovic, who already owned parts of the old plant. This gave the controversial businessman the right to purchase the entire land lot at a discounted price and he can now use the new spatial plan to build and make a windfall of unimaginable 200 million EUR. This was no coincidence, as we could hear from the audio leaks showing that Davidovic is in constant communication with the Government’s Secretary General Dragi Raskovski, and is also meeting with Zoran Zaev.

The approval of the spatial plan just one day after the Government was approved, based upon prior approval from the SDSM led Transportation Ministry, only proves the indications of criminal activity which were published ahead of the elections and raises suspicions about additional criminal actions, such as favoring an investor above all others. A question at hand is, who will get the 2,000 square meters and 2 million EUR that Daka mentions in the conversations, on top of the 300,000 EUR he already paid out? Which SDSM and DUI officials are involved in this/

Is the goal of the SDSM – DUI coalition of lies to continue its criminal activities? Are SDSM and DUI aware of the regional context and the geo-strategic implications this will have, given the role of Miodrag Daka Davidovic in the region? I will write in more detail on this tomorrow, Nikoloski wrote, while publishing the now approved plans.