The Healthcare Ministry confirmed that doctor Nina Caca Biljanovska, head of the Skopje Dermatology Clinic who contracted the coronavirus during a ski trip to Italy and recklessly continued going to work, infected five colleagues.

The clinic was closed as soon as Caca was diagnosed positive to the virus and staff who were in contact with her were sent into mandatory self-isolation. Caca was dismissed as director of the Dermatology Clinic, but state prosecutors refused to charge the SDSM party official under the law being used against other citizens who refused to self-isolate.

Meanwhile, the Lider news site reports that one of the people Caca infected is the wife of Kristijan Duma, head of the Skopje Ophthalmology Clinic, leading to a potential new hotspot in Macedonia’s main medical complex. Lider said that Duma keeps going to work despite his wife’s infection. To make matters even worse, Duma is member of the team put in place by Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce to tackle the epidemic.

Duma issued a statement saying that his wife was self-isolating in a separate apartment, and as a result he was given a recommendation that he has no need to self-isolate himself. The Mother Teresa complex is Macedonia’s main healthcare provider, catering to patients from across the country as well as neighboring Kosovo. The clinics are in close proximity to one another and doctors and patients mix constantly in its congested alleys and cantinas.