The Italian paper La Verita published surveillance video showing Bojan Jovanovski – Boki 13 carrying out a bag filled with money from the home of Jordan Orce Kamcev. A separate audio reveals Boki 13 assuring Kamcev that Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva will not use legal options she has against Kamcev, and will allow him to walk out of his house arrest.

This is a damning piece of evidence against Janeva, confirming that Kamcev paid a significant bribe to Boki 13, a close associate for Janeva, and was expecting to get favorable treatment in the money laundering case which the Special Prosecutor initiated against him.

– You’ll be free on Monday, Boki 13 is heard telling Kamcev.

– Good, Kamcev replies.

– No later than Tuesday, probably. The Supreme Court will release you.

– The Supreme? This can’t get to the Supreme Court by Monday.

– It will. The Special Prosecutor’s Office won’t use its extraordinary legal measures, it won’t do nothing.

– And the Appeals Court?

– Well sure, the Appeals Court will deny your request. You will appeal this decision, you will be ready. You will appeal to the Supreme Court as a court of second instance. The council will automatically act, Katica won’t use any extraordinary legal measures that could postpone the decision, and by Monday or Tuesday you will be free, a well prepared Boki 13 tells Kamcev. Another female voice is heard in the background agreeing with what is discussed. The recordings were allegedly made in February 2019.

The video shows the bag of money, including 500 and 50 EUR bills being packed. It also shows Boki 13 and his accomplice Zoran Mileski – Zoki Kicheec leaving Kamcev’s home, withj Kicheec carrying the bag. Further footage reveals the two walking down to their car.

The tapes published by La Verita, a paper which frequently reports on the Balkans, confirm the charges against Boki 13 and Kicheec, who were arrested three weeks ago, suspected of taking a total of 1.5 million EUR in bribes from a businessman – clearly Kamcev. According to the charges, they promised Kamcev that Boki 13 will use his ties to Katica Janeva to get her to go easy on him in the 11 million EUR money laundering case Janeva launched against him in November 2018. Kamcev was detained, then ordered into house arrest, and Boki 13 is charged with demanding an initial eight million EUR to make the case against him go away. The sum was allegedly negotiated down to 6 million EUR, 1.5 million of which were paid. Kamcev and a few other defendants in the case were released from house arrest in March 2019, by the Supreme Court, precisely as Boki 13 predicts in the audio. It remains to be determined whether this release was due to Janeva’s inaction in the case, as Boki 13 says will happen.

It is believed that Janeva asked for a major share of the money, although she hasn’t been charged yet, and she insisted that Boki 13 abused her name without her knowledge. Prosecutor Vilma Ruskoska strongly implied that Janeva’s voice is also heard on the recordings secretly made by Kamcev as he was being blackmailed by Boki 13.