If Branko Crvenkovski has an idea, if he is politically unrealized or he left something unrealized while he was in political or party positions, and does not recognize him as a goal in SDSM policies, then I think that no one will stop him from forming a party. Although I think that someone else projects desires through the use of his name and authority, Professor Frosina Remenski, former MP and vice president of SDSM said in an interview with “Loкal”.

Remenski believes that every loyal member of SDSM will not consider joining a newly formed party that would emerge from SDSM itself.

Let us just remember that in 2006 Tito Petkovski’s NSDP was created, who was part of SDSM, and Vlado Buckovski, who was also part of SDSM, left for a political party formed by the businessman Minco Jordanov. In political theory and practice, there are cases of agreed formation of new political entities that should amortize some dissatisfied membership, in order to later join coalition agreements with the parent party, said the former MP.