Bulgarian 24 Casa reports that the Netherlands and Denmark joined Bulgaria in blocking Macedonia’s EU accession talks. Bulgaria is the main obstacle on Macedonia’s path as the Borisov Government demands major concessions on issues of national identity and history, but other countries that are skeptical toward enlargement are playing supportive roles.

24 Casa reports that diplomatic sources confirmed the support Bulgaria received from Denmark and Holland. The decision was made at the level of ambassadors to the EU, and next week the foreign ministers and heads of Government will meet where it is likely to be confirmed.

Previously, former Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki announced that Bulgaria was not entirely alone in its veto of Macedonia. Holland and Denmark are considered among the most enlargement skeptical countries, along with France.

Supporters of the Zaev regime are also angry at Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi, for his statement that Macedonia needs to meet Bulgarian demands. Even though the statement is typical of what an EU commissioner would say during the long dispute with Greece, Zaev’s supporters allege that Varhelyi, being a Hungarian, is not willing to help out Zaev, who has often been very critical of Hungarian Prime Minister Orban, by putting more pressure on Bulgaria.