VMRO-DPMNE presented its team of advisers who will work with party leader Hristijan Mickoski as we move toward the 2020 general elections. The team includes some well known names, such as professor Gordana Siljanovska – Davkova, who was the opposition candidate at the presidential elections earlier this year, and opera singer and former political prisoner Igor Durlovski.

Another former presidential candidate, heart surgeon Sasko Kedev, will advise Mickoski on healthcare issues. Ukraine educated retired engineering professor Vladimir Dukovski will be tasked with education and technology, while young IT specialist Vlatko Gigov who works in Switzerland is the adviser on social media and new technologies. Zoran Markov from the Skopje Engineering Faculty rounds up the team tasked with tasked with industry and technology.

Borko Ristovski, best known as the “Defense Minister”, for his incredible saves at the goal of the Macedonian handball team, will be the adviser on sport issues.

Opposition leader Mickoski tapped law professor Lazar Jovevski, who leads the Workplace Protection Association, will advise on labor and welfare issues.

The economic team includes corporate law expert Aleksandar Klimovski and Kosta Mitrovski, who chairs the Macedonian Banking Association. Goce Andreevski is in charge of business regulation, while Goce Naumovski – of intelectual property, with Spanish professor Jose Carrasco as a strategic adviser on economic matters.