The head of the Associaton of nurses warned the Healthcare Ministry that it needs to pay attention to the position of nurses at this critical moment of the pandemic, as three employees of the Infectious Diseases Clinic resigned in one day. Gordana Beslioska said that the resignations should be a warning sign that there is a problem.

Somebody needs to ask the nurses why we are dissatisfied. This is not a problem that appeared now, we’ve had an issue over decades. We have no clear definition about our role and our tasks at work. We will have more cases like this unless our position improves. After the pandemic we will face a much greater drain of medical professionals. There are many completing their final exams in neighboring countries and just waiting for the opportune moment after the pandemic to leave the country, Besliovska said.

Macedonia has a major problem with the drain of educated medical personnel to western countries. The public sector has also had a problem keeping its staff from approaches by the private hospitals. One of the three nurses that resigned yesterday was an experienced head nurse, it was reported