The Zaev Government announced that it is ordering all restaurants, cafes and any other hospitality facilities to close for two weeks, starting on April 7th. The restaurants will be allowed to prepare food for take-out or curb pick-up.

The ban also applies to betting places, fitness clubs and all sorts of company seminars and workshops are also banned. Exceptions are made for airport and motel cafes. Also, the Government is extending the overnight curfew – starting Tuesday, it will begin at 20h and last until 5h the next day.

With the coming holidays and the warmer weather we must put in new measures that will help us rest the healthcare workers. The number of newly infected patients is growing. The number of deaths is growing. The healthcare system is under worst pressure from the start of the pandemic, said Zoran Zaev during his press conference today.

Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter on May 2nd and the Muslim faithful begin the month of Ramadan on April 13th. Easter includes several days of well attended church services, while Ramadan means a full month of daily family gatherings.