During his closing remarks, former Minister Spiro Ristevski testified that he was not involved in organizing the protests For a United Macedonia. Ristevski is one of the defendants in the second trial over the April 27th incident in the Parliament, with the defendants including former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, former Speaker Trajko Veljanoski and other officials of Gruevski’s Government.

The prosecution did not present a single piece of evidence about an alleged plan over April 27th, and that is because there was no plan. I was never in contact with the defendants Nikola Boskovski and Vladimir Atanasovski. I had official communication with Nikola Gruevski, and the last time was on April 22nd. I was in contact with Trajko Veljanoski, but over a completely different matter, Ristevski said.

He again pointed to the many discrepancies in the statements made by Aleksandar Vasilevski – Ninja, the defendant who cut a deal with the prosecution and is now the key witness against the defendants.