Prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska told Deutsche Welle today that the complaint from the Financial Police Administration was sent last Tuesday, just one day after the prosecutors started the search in this institution. The fact that the information is shared with the public a week later, according to Ruskovska, represents a direct pressure on their work.

Considering that the complaint was submitted last Tuesday to the prosecutor Joveski, I consider its announcement to the public as a direct pressure on the work of the prosecution and the court, Ruskovska told DW.

She is surprised by the reaction of the Financial Police Administration and its director, Arafat Muaremi.

We are only checking allegations in a report and there is nothing personal about it. If everything was done according to the law, then I don’t understand the panic and the pressure that is being put, I will repeat, on the prosecutor’s office and the court, says Ruskovska.