More than four years after the events of “April 27”, the prosecutor Vilma Ruskovska decided to make changes in the indictment because the evidence so far has not proved the guilt which the defendants are charged with.

Thus, the popular Vilma with “Ninja” tricks used by her favorite witness Aleksandar Vasilevski-Ninja offered different versions of the events of “April 27” and the role of the defendants Trajko Veljanoski, Mile Janakieski and Spiro Ristovski.

Now Ruskoska only claims that Ristovski and Janakieski “organized the protests” and aimed to prevent the election of Talat Xhaferi as Parliament Speaker at all costs.

In the old version of the indictment, Ruskoska claims that “the chairmen of the municipal committees sent messages to the local committees by phone”, and in the new version that “the route of the protests was agreed in the municipal committees every day”.

For Veljanoski, the change is that he should have merged in one commission for elections and appointments and the election of a speaker, although it is contrary to the Rules of Procedure.

Rusovska previously claimed that on the eighth floor of the VMRO-DPMNE headquarters Ristovski and Janakieski mobilized the membership from Skopje and other cities to go to Skopje, but now claims that Janakieski gave instructions to Krsto Mukoski “to stand in front of the reader, to prevent Xhaferi’s election. “

Therefore, the defense of the defendants rightly requested and received a postponement of the closing arguments so that it could be well prepared for these new constructions by Ruskovska.