In the future we plan to have an open day to have meetings with our members. With everyone whether they have updated membership or not. The plan is to start with the local committees and get to the Central Committee. We will hear their ideas and we will incorporate them in our actions, the Secretary General of VMRO-DPMNE, Gjorgjija Sajkoski said Monday on TV Alfa’s “Zaspij ako mozes” show.

According to him, VMRO-DPMNE will work with all members, supporters of a clear vision for quality of life, improving unity in the country on all grounds.

Everyone who holds positions should return to the members, supporters, citizens and work together. And this applies to all those who criticize the party, said Sajkoski.

Sajkovski informed that there will be no Congress as it has been talked about so much.

President Hristijan Mickoski has strong and clear support from the party structures, from the leadership, said Sajkoski.