Instead of a new government, we see a proposal for a government in which nothing is new, a government with old staff that will share the same values with the previous government that brought us defeats for the country, made us the most corrupt country in Europe, said MP and VMRO-DPMNE Secretary General, Gjorgjija Sajkoski at today’s parliamentary session to discuss a new government, emphasizing that it is a matter of continuity of the same government that brought poverty, price hikes, and devastated the energy sector and the economy.

The proposed government is just a bad experiment of the previous prime minister who with this government wants to resume the continuity of unemployment, crime. We need to put an end to political experiments, and we must be aware that Macedonia does not have time for such an experiment, the people do not deserve to live in legal uncertainty, a corrupt state and in poverty. The program that was submitted is the same materials that have been on paper for 5 years and have not been realized, said Sajkoski.

Sajkoski stressed that this government has no legitimacy from the citizens, who do not support the government that brought most disappointment in the past 30 years, the citizens punished this government that brought life only to small people close to the top leadership.

He stressed that in this government Kovacevski does not have a single proposal on his own, all proposals have been previously agreed, and he is only called to lead it and will be directed directly from Strumica.